IT Support Melbourne

IT Support in Melbourne

We offer more than IT support in Melbourne; we offer a partnership and a promise that we will work with you to improve and maintain your technology. We aren’t your standard IT company who are just there to fix a problem, we are a nerdy but friendly team and really want every client to become part of the great business community we support.


We’re committed to providing our expertise in technology to help your business succeed, it’s not just IT support but ensuring that you know how technology can best help your team.

Professional IT Support Melbourne Company

ADEE Consulting is one of Melbourne’s leading IT support company and Information Technology service providers, combining highly skilled IT engineers with efficient operating systems and ‘great’ IT support. We deliver tailored IT support solutions and IT outsourcing services across a broad range of technology sectors and maintain partnerships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers.


At ADEE, customer service and support are at the core of our business. Our clients have found that our flexible IT support solutions provide them with the most cost effective IT support service available in Melbourne.

IT Support

Essential, first-line assistance to resolve any live IT issues in your business at speed and in a professional manner.

Business Continuity

Immediate on-demand support alongside longer-term planning to ensure you remain in business without interruption.

Telephony & Connectivity

Getting you equipped for reliable, high-speed communication through hardware provision and network connectivity.

Projects & Consultancy

Strategic guidance and tactical advice to help you plan and implement the systems that will support your business as it grows.


Instant access to web-hosted services and unlimited cloud storage, giving you the control and flexibility to scale your IT at the right pace.

Security & Compliance

A comprehensive approach to your IT security that conforms to best-practice standards, incorporating risk mitigation, governance, and full protection of your data.

We’ve worked with businesses all over Melbourne for years and have adapted the services we offer based on what we know works. We provide a variation of different business IT services that help companies from all industries work efficiently digitally. Our main product is IT Support Contracts which is bespoke contract, adapted for your IT needs and covers all of your technology to varying degrees. On top of that, we offer products purchasing, managed services and licenses and web and marketing services. We have got you covered.


We aim to provide the best service for all our customers and have a first-class relationship with them, supporting them as they grow.  Call us on 1800 275 233 or get in touch with a friendly engineer from one of the top IT Support providers in Melbourne today.