About us

About our company

We offer IT managed support services in Melbourne that can be tailored to fit any organisation using our expertise, experience and constant ability to deliver. We serve clients of all sizes from SMEs through to Corporate Enterprises, Government Institutions and the Education sector.

As the industry’s leading provider of IT managed support services, with a reputation for trust and reliability ADEE Consulting is the first choice for Outsourced IT and Managed IT Services nationally.


We also provide IP Telephony and Hosted PABX solutions, give us a call on 1800 275 233 if your phone system is outdated and you are ready to move an internet-based telephone system which can reduce the cost to your business and improve efficiency.


We have certified and experienced professionals who are helping customers in Australia and overseas. If your IT systems are outdated or not future ready, talk to us and we will uplift them and make your business ready to compete with ever changing world.


History & Vision

ADEE started in Melbourne in 2010. For the next two years the company grew slowly, providing IT support services mostly to home and small business users while gaining a reputation for professional quality services, integrity and reliability.


In 2012, we focused more on providing Managed IT Services and Cloud Solutions to Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and we are doing it at our best since. Our team, our services & our work ethics revolve around adding value to your business.


Our vision is to help you to get rid of any hassle, aggravation or complications of technology by keeping IT simple. We aim to introduce you to new horizons of simplicity of IT Support and cloud services by taking your business in the next era of digital revolution.

Team of Experts

We always look at the needs of your organisation and the people who make things happen – this means professional IT services and Cloud Solutions for your business and for all your employees.


We take a sharp approach to IT project delivery – we know this can make a real difference to how things change in your organisation. We proudly provide professional & distinct advice and consultancy together with an extensive range of transparently delivered partner services. Our focus on excellence runs through all we do.


We work with businesses which recognise the value of distinct, innovative and responsive services. These businesses are of different sizes, operating in different regions, but they all choose ADEE because they know excellence in web services can bring value to what they do. We work with people who know that ‘cheapest’ is not always ‘best’.


We work with business leaders who demand quality in all they do. People who believe in excellence. We’re not for everyone & that allows us to focus on the people that really count.


The excellence seekers, quality hunters & forward thinking business leaders. These people build long term partnerships with ADEE. We know their business & strive to help them succeed in all they do.

Excellent service – quick, efficent and went the extra mile with questions not related to this job ???? Thanks!”

Heidi H

First class Support and patience. Took the time to educate me on the issue and resolved the issue. HIGHLY recommended.”

Hasitha P.


We are proud of what we do and our customer’s reviews are the valuable asset to our growth