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About This Project

We are highly responsive, aiming for a same day IT fix for all customers within the Monash City Council region. The fact that we are local means we can be at your doorstep within minutes. We understand how important your IT systems are and keep you online when it counts. Additionally, with no contracts or subscriptions, simply call or log a job when you require assistance. This hassle free service ensures our trained staff are on standby to help you when you need it.

By avoiding the use of complicated terms and focusing on using plain English, it helps you understand your systems and needs ensuring you can make educated decisions about how to set-up your systems. We aspire to bring big business infrastructure at small business prices. Our knowledge of industry trends and specialisation in managing mobile infrastructure ensures you will get the best out of your staff and systems, from BYOD to purchase.

We provide a complete environment to you that is faster, cheaper and easier than ever before, for a fixed monthly fee or based on your needs – no contract needed. Our expert IT knowledge supports your businesses growth as well as provides a well-designed, easy to use and tailored IT solution.