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Shaheens Sporting and Social Club Limited (Shaheens) is the brainchild of Kashif Bouns an Australian Football League official, prominent community leader and diversity advocate. Bouns recognized that the multicultural youth in Australia needed greater opportunities to connect with the wider Australian society.

Shaheen is a word of Persian origin for the peregrine falcon; a bird that is relatively small in size yet has immense strength and the ability to strike its prey from a great height. It’s a symbol of determination and courage, qualities we cherish in sport and inculcate in our team members and supporters. Renowned poet of the east Muhammad Iqbal has immortalised the bird in his poetry, which writes;

“Shaheen kabhi parvaaz se thak kar naheen girta, pur dam hai agar tu to nahi khatra-e-uftad” which translates to “The Shaheen never tries of flight. It will keep flying, even in the face of adversity, until it reaches its target.