Computer Repair and Website Development Melbourne


Website Development, IT Support,  Computer & Laptop Repair Melbourne

We Repair Computers & Laptops, Develop personal and business Websites  as well as provide IT support services in Melbourne.


We can perform regular checks and updates on your computers to ensure that your systems run smoothly and are secure. We also make sure they are free from virus and any other infection. 90% of problems we encounter can be fixed remotely meaning you will be up and running again in minutes. If the problem cannot be handled remotely, then you can use our expert on-site or collect and return service so we can fix your PC in person. Don't let a computer disaster affect your business or your treasured memories, use our remote backup to store your photos, music and business data.


If you are struggling with an IT problem and need a technician at home or in your office to help you with technical issues and repairs, let us come to you! We can fix your IT related problems, add a new hardware or fix an existing one and answer your questions to fix almost anything that is computer related. Our Technician will explain the problem in simple words, then fix it and give you a report of all the work that was carried out. We can fix your IT related problems, add a new hardware or fix an existing one and answer your questions to fix almost anything that is computer related.


Our professional web development services are for small business and medium-sized businesses with little or no computer experience. Scalable so you can grow however big you want - in other words, you can add thousands of pages in an organized and systemic manner while providing an interactive and user-centred web site content, activities and interoperability with other Web 2.0 websites. Web 2.0 technology allows users and visitors to your website to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as consumers of user-generated content in a virtual community.

1300 / 1800 NUMBERS

Geographically independent numbers that cost the same to call from anywhere in Australia. Make it easy for your customers to call you. Real time Configuration: We’re the first in the industry to offer real-time setup and configuration of 1300 number & 1800 number services. Manage everything from inside your account control panel. Prepaid Accounts: We operate on a prepaid basis only. This allows us to offer the best prices in the industry. We also offer generous signup and top up bonuses. With us, you can set a custom incoming caller id for your 1300 number or 1800 number.


Check the following plans for personal and business web hosting. Let us know if you don’t find what you are looking for. We will quote you for a customized hosting plan which will suit your needs.

  • $6.99/mo
    • 500 MB Disk Space
    • 10 GB Data Transfer/Month
    • FREE Setup
    • 1 FTP Users
    • 1 Email Addresses
    • 0 SQL Database
    • Technical help & Support


  • $9.99/mo
    • 2 GB Disk Space
    • 30 GB Data Transfer/Month
    • FREE Setup
    • 2 FTP Users
    • 2 Email Addresses
    • 1 SQL Database
    • Technical help & Support
  • $14.99/mo
    • 5 GB Disk Space
    • 70 GB Data Transfer/Month
    • FREE Setup
    • 5 FTP Users
    • 5 Email Addresses
    • 2 SQL Database
    • Technical help & Support


  • $24.99/mo
    • 10 GB Disk Space
    • 150 GB Data Transfer/Month
    • FREE Setup
    • 10 FTP Users
    • 10 Email Addresses
    • 5 SQL Database
    • Technical help & Support

We continue to change the face of websites with efficient project delivery by outperforming on service, innovation and value.


We take care of your all IT needs & provide you best possible solutions available in the market. We will plan, design, implement and manage all of your IT infrastructure.