Managed IT Support,  Website Development & IT Outsourcing

As the industry’s leading provider of IT managed support services, with a reputation for trust and reliability ADEE Consulting is the first choice for Outsourced IT and Managed IT Services nationally.


ADEE offers IT managed support services in Melbourne that can be tailored to fit any organisation using our expertise, experience and constant ability to deliver. We serve clients of all sizes from SMEs through to Corporate Enterprises, Government Institutions and the Education sector.


As a company that offers exceptional IT managed support services in Melbourne you can expect:


  • Perfectly matched IT support packages that can include Pro-Active monitoring, server management, data recovery and network device back up
  • Fast response times
  • Australian based customer service
  • Seamless service integration, no matter how complex your IT infrastructure


Our intention is to be the Australia’s best IT managed support Services Company by achieving the fastest response times with the most reliable service. By exceeding our customers’ expectations, we are sure to deliver excellence at every step.


IT Outsourcing Solutions

ADEE IT outsourcing solutions enable organisations and businesses to focus on doing what they do best and bring in extra revenue.

Outsourcing IT is a cost effective and time efficient solution that results in a quick return on investment.

By utilising economies of scale, ADEE’s operators and engineers combine skill sets and experience to deliver enterprise level IT management without the associated costs; and with over 10 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that it is one of the best network support services available.


Managed IT Services

With ADEE’s managed IT services your business is in the safest hands possible. Using extensive resources, proven and innovative technology and efficient methodology, ADEE services can merge seamlessly with any organisation no matter what size, industry or sector.


Our highly skilled and experienced team of IT consultants and professionals are able to integrate IT Systems into your organisation smoothly and efficiently.


How a business uses and manages applications and data is fundamental to its success as they now touch every part of a business’ operations; from procurement and finance through to sales, marketing and HR. Customers and employee expectations regarding application performance, security and availability are at an all-time high.


Do you need help moving your MS Exchange services off site? Do you want to improve service levels and user features but remove the headaches, distraction and cost of managing email and collaboration services yourself? By optimising and integrating Microsoft technology and the best security from the cloud, Claranet free you up to focus.

Outsourced IT Helpdesk

Employing ADEE Consulting to manage your help desk will allow your organisation to get the benefits of our extensive experience and knowledge, enabling your existing IT staff to concentrate on their core competencies without distraction and saving you time and expense.


We understand the frustrations of Small Businesses when it comes to obtaining effective IT support – in the not-too-distant past we were a small business ourselves. We want to deliver an IT Support Service that will give your Small Business the IT Infrastructure it needs to reach it's potential. Contact Us or read more to find out how our IT support services will integrate seamlessly into any small business.


We can perform regular checks and updates on your computers to ensure that your systems run smoothly and are secure. We also make sure they are free from virus and any other infection. 90% of problems we encounter can be fixed remotely meaning you will be up and running again in minutes.


If you are struggling with an IT problem and need a technician at home or in your office to help you with technical issues and repairs, let us come to you! We can fix your IT related problems, add a new hardware or fix an existing one and answer your questions to fix almost anything that is computer related.


Our professional web development services are for small business and medium-sized businesses with little or no computer experience. Scalable so you can grow however big you want - in other words, you can add thousands of pages in an organized and systemic manner while providing an interactive and user-centred web site content.

1300 / 1800 NUMBERS

Make it easy for your customers to call you. Real time Configuration: We’re the first in the industry to offer real-time setup and configuration of 1300 number & 1800 number services. We also offer generous signup and top up bonuses. With us, you can set a custom incoming caller id for your 1300 number or 1800 number.


Have a quick read on our Google page and see what our clients have to say about our services.